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Annual Jeet Kune Do Training Camp

Date: September 16-18, 2011 read more»

Combat In-Sight is the training module for the development of key combative attributes.

This course has been laid out in the following manner:

  1. Illustration of basic tools and the methods to assist in their progress.
  2. The different modes of assault and repel.
  3. Various training procedures to achieve comprehensive, basic proficiency.

Again, both purpose and principle are to educate persons in comprehending, analyzing and resolving problems.  It is teaching one to be effective with an emphasis on practicality, awareness of idiosyncrasies and uniqueness.  Personal combatives and its’ attributes are not mystifying skills learned over extended periods.  Theses skills are achieved via progressive, reality based training methods that develop a person’s ability to SURVIVE!

Location: Holiday Inn Palm Beach Airport
1301 Belvedere Road West Palm Beach, FL 33405
Call 561-659-3880

Price: $200 all three days (before Aug. 5) – $250 after Aug 5.
($100 for one day) contact Richie Carrion at (561) 689-7876

Join the Wednesday Night Group in West Palm Beach for our annual Jeet Kune Do camp. Instructors and students from all over the world will gather to train and share ideas and training methods. The camp will last 3 days and a variety of material will be covered. For more information on the camp please visit www.jkdwednitecamp.com or JKD Talk.

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